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Our Programs: Our Programs

We are so excited that you'd like to join our community! 


Before completing our intake paperwork, please take a moment to read these important instructions: 

1. Have you gotten in touch? Please fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation to ensure that our programming is a good fit. If it isn't, we will refer you to someone who is!

2. Once you've been set up as a new client in our system, click on the Intake Paperwork Packet button below. It will open in a new screen. We estimate that the form takes about 30 minutes to complete. You cannot save until it is finished, so please be prepared. 

3. If you need support with completing our intake paperwork, we are here to help! Call or text us at (720) 515-4487 to schedule an intake appointment.

4. After you wrap up the paperwork, adobe will need to validate your email address. Don't forget this important step or we won't get your paperwork! 

5. If you are planning on joining our Supported Community Connections Program, please also complete the SCC Registration below.

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