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Boulder County's Neurodivergent Community

Inclusion on Purpose seeks to break down barriers faced by neurodivergent people in our local community in Boulder County. We look at creative paths for connecting people with neurodivergence to the broader community, while intentionally cultivating micro-communities that create a sense of belonging and purpose. We both teach skills to people with neurodivergence, and we educate people without. We build bridges, opportunity, and hope for a future where all brains are welcome.

Our Programs


Young Adult Services

Inclusion on Purpose programs are designed specifically for neurodivergent young adults who are independent in the community and seeking connection. Our participants are strong verbal communicators who run the greatest risk of isolation, anxiety, and depression. They often do not feel represented by traditional disability services and may not “fit in” with neurotypical peer groups.


Services are generally funded by SLS & DD waivers. We also partner with DVR for employment services funding and do accept private pay in limited circumstances.

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Life Skills Coaches provide nontherapeutic support through partnering alongside our program participants to break down barriers to community access and cultivate meaningful connection. SCC meets ongoing during the weekdays and during limited weekend special events to provide rich social experiences. SCC includes person-centered planning, initiation, and engagement in social, volunteer, exercise, cooking, outdoors, learning, and other such activities. 


Our therapists provide neurodivergent-affirming and trauma-assumed services to meet each client where they are. Services are provided in your most comfortable environment, be that at home, in the community or at our cozy office space. Together, we start with a deep, holistic assessment and develop a unique plan to address systemic barriers and harness your innate wisdom.  

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Mentors are peers who advise, model, provide experience, and support participation within community. We seek to support development of self-advocacy including increasing self-awareness, developing personal goals, and understanding the contribution of health and safety to overall wellbeing.


Together, we work to build confidence and capacity by partnering with jobseekers to find meaningful employment. Employment that matches your unique interests and talents. Our employment specialists have advanced training in Autism Spectrum and related neurodivergence to provide you with the support you need.

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Our future is one in which everyone has their needs met. Beyond that, it’s one where our humanity is inherent, and we organize our time and our days around our well-being and the relationships we have, and love and joy.

Mia Birdsong

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